Monday, October 05, 2009

I'm a Little Peeved at Matt Damon Right Now

Mr. Burns and I rarely see movies at the movie theatre - so last night we thought it would be a treat.

We decided to go see "The Invention of Lying", but the only available showtime was later than we wanted. So Mr. Burns suggested "The Informant" and I agreed. Neither of us knew much about the movie except for a few clips that looked funny. And we figured, it's Matt Damon - how can ya go wrong?

Yeah. If you click that link and watch the trailer... funny funny funny.
Yet, at the movie theatre, the only laugh in the whole film was provided when Damon tugged on his toupee! Seriously, for the rest of the audience too!
It's not just the lack of laughs. While the movie was interesting it was dry dry dry. Now, I love dry humor but this was mostly just uncomfortable.

It was like a dry, made for TV movie about a guy ratting out his company - except with exceptional acting.

A friend tells me this morning that it's supposed to based on a "This American Life" episode that detailed the story of this guy who worked with the FBI to take down Agri-Giant ADM. That the TAL episode was a riot and the movie was supposed be spot on.

I asked him to please go see the movie and report back - whether we just missed the point - or if the movie really does stink!

From where I stand... Matt Damon owes us $31.50 for the movie tickets, popcorn and soda.

Ah yes... I also wanted to share with you a lesson learned from this movie.
Damon's character, Mark Whitacre is working with the FBI to uncover a price-fixing plot in his company. Based on a true story. Whitacre is caught up in the excitement of being an informant. Whenever they reach what appears to be a dead-end, he either makes up something, or reveals information that can only hurt him worse. His wife wants to stand by him, but you start to think there is no way she can respect him.

It made me think... if my husband (presumably Mr. Burns) acted that stupidly, it would be really really hard to stand by him. I am confident that Mr. Burns is not that stupid, or arrogant, or selfish - but it was also a hard realization to think "Man, I would HAVE to leave!"
I told him so... and he said, "Thanks a lot!"
But seriously, please don't be that stupid.

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Amber Star said...

Thanks for the heads up about the Matt Damon movie. I had a feeling it might not be as funny as the review. Show me some good ole "Bourne" and I'll be happy. It is the simple things that amuse and intrigue me.

We saw The Proposal and it is a small movie that is just funny. I mean it has Sandra Bullock in it for gosh was a good choice. My husband and I like to make Wednesday sort of a date afternoon. We have lunch and go to our local movie theater where we can get on a two for one deal, because we subscribe to our local newspaper.